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RIVISTA Plurisettimanale Online > Registr. Trib. PE n. 02/2016 ISSN 2611-626X editata da DOMUS EUROPA_Centro Studi di Geocultura

Elisabeth Hellenbroich

Warnings from a top German Military: Don’t play with fire of nuclear escalation

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich On May 30th former NATO Military Commission Chairman German General Harald Kujat in a short interview to “Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung” warned about...

Thought-provoking essay by Russian Strategist Sergey Karaganov: “Decades Of wars– Or offer a new paradigm” of development for the world?

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich On May 21rst US Treasury Secretary J. Yellen, at the occasion of receiving the honorary doctor from the “Frankfurt School of Finance...

President Xi Jinping visits Europe: France, Serbia and Hungary

By E. Hellenbroich From May 5th till May 10th Chinese President Xi Jinping for the first time after 5 years made an important state visit...

Dr. Josef Braml’s newest book: “Dreamwalkers. How China and the US slide into a new world war.”

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich On April 16th an insightful presentation was given by the well- known US expert and author of several books, Dr. Josef Braml...

Pope Francis: “Life – My history within history”

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich End of March 2024 a new book got published by Pope Francis under the title: Life. My history in the context of...

Turning point in the Russian/Ukraine war nearing? The courage to choose dialogue

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich There has been rarely such a heated debate as the one which broke out after “Vatican News” and other European and US...

“Europeanization” of the Ukraine war: A trigger for all-out war?

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich The author of this article recently listened to a speech that was given by a former US diplomat in Germany. He presented...

About the Ukraine war raging in the midst of Europe: The “truth gap”

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich This year’s World Economic Forum (Davos, January 15- 19), that gathered more than 1200 business leaders and political representatives, was organized under...

New Approach to the Ukraine tragedy: Ukraine should be bridge between East and West

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich In a recent comment that was written January 11, 2024 by Prof. Anatol Lieven from the American neocon “Quincy Institute for Responsible...

Ukraine war: Waning support in the US

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich On December 6th the US Congress blocked an emergency spending bill for Ukraine and Israel ($ 106 billion - 61,4bn Dollars for...

Sensational Testimony at UN Security Council: US Economist Jeffrey Sachs on ending the Wars

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich During a brief testimony that was given November 20th by the well- known US economist and public policy analyst Prof. Jeffrey Sachs...

Pope Francis’ urgent call for peace: “Brothers stop. Stop!”

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich On October 22nd Pope Francis in a dramatic appeal at St. Peter’s square made reference to the ongoing Israel- Palestine conflict by...

Valdai Discussion Club 20th anniversary: How to develop “Civilization State” in future?

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich This year’s Valdai Discussion Forum (October 2-5, 2023) took place at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Valdai Discussion Club,...

The West and Russia: Threats and Counter-Threats

By E. Hellenbroich Two weeks ago John Kornblum, former US Ambassador in Germany (1997-2001), published a somewhat incoherent and confused commentary in Die Welt under...

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