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USA. Con le spese militari il debito vola

C’è un uno strano e assordante silenzio...

Tag: Alexander Rahr

Which strategic lessons should be drawn from the Afghanistan debacle?

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich The spectacular collapse of the Afghan Government which last weekend capitulated to the Taliban forces, after the Afghan capital Kabul had fallen...

On the German/Russian Crisis: The Disease of Arrogance

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich End of March an interesting book was published by well-known German Kremlologist Alexander Rahr who in his book under the Title Arrogance-...

23rd German- Russian- Potsdam meeting: The pandemic and its impact on foreign and security policy

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich On May 25, the 23rd German- Russian Potsdam meeting took place in order to discuss about “The pandemic and its impact on...

Commemorating the 8th of May 1945: Start better relations with Russia 2020

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich Because of the global Corona Pandemic, most of the commemorations that were planned to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the 8th /...

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