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RIVISTA Plurisettimanale Online > Registr. Trib. PE n. 02/2016 ISSN 2611-626X

Saranno le donne a dare un futuro all’Iran?

Da oltre due mesi gli iraniani scendono...

La guerra in Ucraina e una pace possibile

di Domenico Poeta Dopo la guerra di Crimea,...

La chiave per capire il Medio Oriente? Semplicemente la storia

La situazione della Siria e dei Paesi...

Tag: Lavrov

What to make out of the present strategic impasse?

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich Beginning October the annual IMF/ World Bank report was issued, which predicted a very gloomy perspective for the world economy, underlining that...

Blinken –Lavrov “Dialogue”: “Talking at cross purposes”?

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich On January 21rst a 90-minute discussion took place in Geneva between US Foreign Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister...

Which strategic lessons should be drawn from the Afghanistan debacle?

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich The spectacular collapse of the Afghan Government which last weekend capitulated to the Taliban forces, after the Afghan capital Kabul had fallen...

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