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RIVISTA Plurisettimanale Online > Registr. Trib. PE n. 02/2016 ISSN 2611-626X editata da DOMUS EUROPA_Centro Studi di Geocultura

The way Architecture influences our bodies and minds

With the consent of the Author, we...

Pope Francis: “Life – My history within history”

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich End of March 2024 a...

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The Roy Cohn Method: How President Donald Trump is wrecking America

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich The well- known American writer George Packer from the magazine The Atlantic (he wrote several books, among them Our Man: Richard Holbrooke...

Mary Trump Unleashes the Erinyes Against Her Uncle

By Bonnie James. It’s a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions: A vulnerable young woman seeks the love and approval of her powerful family’s cruel pater familias...

73rd WHO meeting: How President Trump uses Corona Pandemic as Divisive Means

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich This year’s 73rd annual conference of the WHO which took place in Geneva (May 18/19) exposed a deep split between the USA...

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