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RIVISTA Plurisettimanale Online > Registr. Trib. PE n. 02/2016 ISSN 2611-626X

Pope Francis in Kazakhstan: For a “renewed spirit of Helsinki” 

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich From September 13- 15 Pope...

Un Putin sempre più debole torna ad agitare la minaccia nucleare

La mattina del 21 settembre, dopo vari...

Prezzi del gas: più può la speculazione che la guerra

di Mario Lettieri e Paolo Raimondi Prezzi dell’energia,...

Tag: Eurasia

Book review: National Interests in Times of Radical Changes

By Elisabeth Hellenbroich The horrendous war in Ukraine which has prompted already immense suffering and damage among the Ukraine civilian population, marks the end of...

Karaganov: Russia shall not attack Ukraine. Its future lies with Eurasia and with China

During the third week of January 2022 as a consequence of the Ukrainian crisis the contacts between Russia and the West have intensified. In...

An Offensive in a War of Ideas. Staying on the defensive is inopportune in the modern world

Sergei Karaganov I hesitated for a long time whether I should publish this article. It turned out to be quite harsh. But the unfolding multilevel...

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