RWYC helps bridging the generations’ gap in India


by Anita Pauline Dey, Principal, W.H. Smith Memorial School, Varanasi, India

The International Day of Elderly & 24th ‘Dada Dadi Divas’ (‘The Elderly Parents’ Day) was celebrated 02 October 2021 in the W.H. Memorial Smith School with Rotary Club Varanasi south, Rotary Club Harmony, HelpAge India & Interact Club. A Memorandum of Understanding was agreed upon between RWYC (Reconnecting With Your Culture) and the Smith School.

W.H. Smith Memorial School at Varanasi has celebrated the “Dada Dadi Diwas” (‘Day of Elderly Parents’) for the 24th consecutive years on 2nd October 2021 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. with full zeal. The programme started with the floral tribute to Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) and Lal Bahadir Shastri (1904-1966) followed by the National Anthem. In collaboration with HelpAge India, Rotary Club Varanasi South, Rotary Club Harmony and Interact Club, the programme started with the welcome of the Chief Guest, Prof. Kamlakar Tripathi, Institute of Medical Sciences of B.H.U., Guest of Honour Mrs. Radha Vijawat, and the Distinguished Guest Prof. Rana P.B. Singh, President RWYC (Reconnecting With Your Culture; Asia) and President ACLA (Asian Cultural Landscape Association; Korea-India), followed by the choir songs presented by the teachers of the school. Rtn. Mr. Rajan Pandey, President of the Rotary Club Varanasi South, Rtn. Mrs. Pratyasha Mary Mukherjee, President of Rotary Club Harmony, along with Mr. A. K. Singh, State Head of HelpAge India were also present to grace the occasion.

02 October 2021: W.H. Smith Memorial School, Varanasi, India: Glimpses of the Celebration.

While highlighting the focus of this event, Dr Anita Pauline Dey, the Principal, has said “organizing this event is to sensitize the future of our country, the children, and make them realize not only the value of selfless service but also the importance of the elderly in our society with respect to get connected, understand, and preserve the cultural heritage. Thanks to RWYC initiative to cooperate and guide us in this direction.” The principal has further added that “it is the duty of schools like us to bridge the gap between elderly people and senior citizen and society through cultural appraisal so that all may benefit reciprocally under the umbrella on “RWYC”.

Prof. Rana P.B. Singh has presented highlights of various activities, programmes and cultural awakening going on in various countries through the RWYC under the leading guidance and visionary collaboration of Prof. Dr. Olimpia Niglio (Italy-Japan), President, International RWYC. The school authorities have expressed their thanks and gratitude to the RWYC personnel for considering our school as the first such platform in Varanasi, and second in the South Asia. They have assured to actively continue all the best possible programmes, awakenings, adaptation of cultural heritage to protect and conserve, and also promotion of educational structuring and extra-curriculum activities on these lines with an aim to promote global understanding, preserving cultural heritage and becoming active partner in promoting peace and harmony. Prof. Rana has expressed an intimate gratitude to the Principal, W.H. Smith School, Dr Anita Pauline Dey.

On this occasion, Smith School honoured three senior citizens Mr. Bihari Lal Gupta and Mrs. Reeta Khanna. They appreciated the efforts of School Management and blessed all with their motivation speech. All the three invited guests were honoured with mementoes, a packet of items of daily uses, a wool shawl, and a rudraksha rosary as a symbol of religious harmony.

Varanasi, Oct. 2, 2021

All the teachers, staff members participated with full zeal in the program to make it a grand success. The students from classes LN to 12 joined the programme virtually. A summary of the previous activities, and on-going such programmes, and the vision and plans for the future are shown through videos.

Mr. Vimal Kr. Seth has served as the Convener of the programme. The programme was compered by Mrs. Anjali Malaviya and Mrs. Meena. The vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Sangeeta Nayak, Headmistress of W.H. Smith Memorial School. At the end, a wonderful treat of sweets, soft juices and salty pakoras were served.

W.H. Smith Memorial School; D 59/108, Sigra, Varanasi, UP 221010, India. Website:


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