OUR FRONTIER The dear editorial article updated for web 3.0 (native advertising), but of scientific quality, which breaks into that pool of users becoming library material, proof of the future, by retaining the readings and therefore your possible customers. COSTS With just 250 euros, to have an editorial article without any time limit, on our sites that periodically runs on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks, which becomes an integral part of our content. With 300 euros, to have an editorial article always timeless, on our sites and 60 days of Facebook Ads Obviously we do not put limits on providence, if you think you invest more, we will be happy to listen to you. WHY CHOOSE US? Because we are chosen by important foundations, who take particular care of their image, to convey their events, a sign of the quality of our pages and above all of our readers. We believe that our programs will bring your brand to life and give you a lot of added value. The article will be drawn up according to your company history and in accordance with the company quality certification. Contact us today to learn more and how we can work together to make your brand properly displayed. It will be drafted in the most correct way to protect readers. For information, suggestions, agencies, agents, foundations, large companies contact:

IN SUMMARY Original articles (no duplicate content) Sale of copyright to the customer Checking and reviewing the content Metadata creation (meta description and meta title) SEO optimization Indeterminate life of the article Social Sharing Possibility of promotion Possibility to convert to Russian, Persian and English HELPFUL The native advertising is also useful for the Territorial Marketing and for the promotion of eno-gastronomic garrisons.]]>


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