Chinese military fight for public health in Africa


Africa is the continent of the future. China is signalling its willingness to follow up its conspicous economic initiatives, with humanitarian aids. As the People’s Daily reports April 1st, 2017: The Chinese military will continue to participate in global medical assistance, especially in African countries, according to an article run by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Daily Friday (March, 31). Assistance will include medical cooperation with Africa after the Ebola breakout, andsending experts to the African Union to support the development of a disease controlsystem, said PLA Daily. In recent years, China’s military has sent out more than 170 medical team groups to over 50 countries and regions, according to the article, which quoted an official from theCentral Military Commission’s Logistical Support Department. Since 2003, over 4,000 soldiers who specialized in health care or logistics were dispatched on United Nations peacekeeping missions, treating more than 130,000 patients worldwide, according to PLA Daily. The army will also promote global cooperation on prevention and control of infectious disease and the treatment of health emergencies, said the PLA Daily.]]>


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