by Maria Szots

There is this building, like a palace, in the capital of Romania, designed by 700 architects. It is the world`s heaviest building, and people do politics there. The Palace of the Parliament, or People`s House, an eye-pleaser and arguably a subject of pride for Bucharest, is indeed massive.

In September, Bucharest celebrated 555 years of existence (documented mention) with a show worthy of the event`s and its main building`s magnitude-iMapp Bucharest 555.

Late at night, on the 20th of this month, at the magic hour, the competition -organized by the city hall- started. Everybody was there for this.

5 different 3D projections appeared on the surface of the Palace of Parliament, each 5 minutes and 55 seconds long, created by teams from Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Poland and Romania.

The music was loud and out of the little lights of the hundreds of people`s phones recording the view, flashing lights hit the surface of the Parliament, to everyone`s awe.

Out of the 5 projections, the French team won, led by Damien Fontaine voted by the people. The democratic way of a country with a young democracy.

Happy Birthday Bucharest!

More on:

Facebook: Bucuresti 555

Youtube: iMapp 555 Bucharest Building Projection by Maxin10sity


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